About Me

Eat like a caveman?  Are you out of your #@^&!&g mind? I’m Italian, this Paleo thing isn’t for me….Trust me when I say that is the “G” rated version of my immediate reaction when I first looked into the paleo diet.


SalWho am I?

First and foremost I am NOT a nutritionist or a fitness guru.  Quite candidly, I’m just a normal (might be a stretch) Senior Citizen (65 +) male who refuses to age and accept an existence of inactivity and illness.  Why did I bother with the Paleo Diet? Well it all started in Brooklyn, N.Y.  in …ah, we don’t have to go back that far, after a long career in telecommunications I now enjoy retirement in sunny Florida with my trophy wife of 45 years.  I play softball 3 times per-week, belong to a bowling league, ride my bike, have discovered a new passion for cooking, enjoy going on cruises and chasing my wife around the house once in a while…once in a while, remember I am a Senior Citizen!

For anyone who is interested in the Paleo Diet, but isn’t sure how to start, please click here


paleo-diet-cavemanBut what made me go Paleo?

Quite honestly and through no concerted effort on my part, I’ve been very fortunate to never have had to deal with any major health related issues.  I did start to notice however, that I was constantly experiencing agita (acid reflux) and that there was a strange phenomenon going on with my clothes regarding them shrinking (yeah right).  So after much prodding from my wife I agreed to visit my Dr.  Well what a surprise that after a series of tests, it was revealed that I was pre diabetic, overweight, boarded on high blood pressure and as a result of the acid reflux, I suffered some damage to my esophagus. As per my Dr. my choices were simple; either stay on this course or take medication.  I didn’t like either of these choices and opted to change my dietary lifestyle instead and I’m damn happy I did!  After much research (okay, I read a little) I decided to give this Paleo thing a shot which I’ve been enjoying for over a year now.  As of this writing my weight is down 30-lbs. (21 pounds lost first 4-months), blood sugar way down and (not considered pre diabetic) , zero instances of acid reflux, my blood pressure is down to 120/68 from 150/92 and my resting heart rate is 68 BPM.  In addition, I have experienced a greater level of physical endurance, I sleep much better and have an increased level of testosterone (much to my wife’s chagrin).  I “thought” I felt pretty good before Paleo…man was I wrong!

Bottom line if this can work for me it surely can work for you! 

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to read through this.  And lastly, please at anytime should you care to contact me just leave an e-mail and I will respond ASAP!