And this week’s totally irrelevant question is….NUTS over HANDS!

Please, Express Yourself….


Welcome to the most prestigious and influential (yeah, right) Paleo Polling Place on the internet!  Each week we will present a deep and thought provoking (oh, Madonna Mia) question that you can respond to in a completely anonymous manner.  It doesn’t cost anything so please feel free to cast your vote.

And this week’s totally irrelevant question is…NUTS over HANDS!

We have diligently striven to remain politically neutral and have stayed above the fray with regard to the juvenile mud slinging among the candidates for the President of the USA!  With that said however, there is one candidate(??) who through his narcissistic and maniacal proclamations has caused us to rethink out position and reach out to our community to inquire….do the size of one’s hands indicate the size of ….um…his manhood?  






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