And this week’s totally irrelevant question is?….

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Welcome to the most prestigious and influential (yeah, right) Paleo Polling Place on the internet!  Each week we will present a deep and thought provoking (oh, Madonna Mia) question that you can respond to in a completely anonymous manner.  It doesn’t cost anything so please feel free to cast your vote.

And this week’s totally irrelevant question is…

C’mon admit it – At some point in your life, you’ve run around the house in a cape, or at least thought about doing it. Don’t worry. No judgment here. There’s just something fascinating about superheroes that captures the imaginations of young and old alike. It’s fun to envision how different life would be if we developed superpowers of our own.  So here’s your chance to be any superhero you want to be…and you choose?




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6 thoughts on “And this week’s totally irrelevant question is?….

  1. Super Women has so many invincible powers that I will take her any day. Her only weakness is Kryptonite, but come on, she can fly, is super strong and has incredible laser vision!

  2. hi Sal
    First off, totally agree with your wife! All women are superheroes!! I chose Cat Woman as I think she just has that coolness about her. Love her suit and how slick she is. But really, any of those fantastic women would be a good choice.

    • Emily,

      Really appreciate your taking the poll and taking the time to comment! Somehow I figured the ladies would all agree with my wife and leave me out in the cold…lol.

      Again, thanks so much and hope to see you soon!


  3. Hi,

    Great question.

    My vote is for me. I am my own superhero because I am the architect of my own destiny and can summon up superhuman powers to accomplish great deeds. The other superheros are fictional, while I am a factual superhero.

    • PJ,

      Sincerely appreciate the time you spent taking the poll and responding with a comment! I really do wish more people shared your sense of self-worth!

      Great job and again, thank you!


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