Helping you with a Vital Choice

We are VERY pleased to announce that we now offer the world’s finest wild seafood and organic fare from Vital Choice Seafood.  A little info about Vital Choice:

Vital Choice’s Seafood arrives at your door on dry ice, imbued with the fresh-caught flavor, texture, and nutritional benefits that premium quality fish and shellfish should provide.

Professional chefs agree with Jane Brody, longtime food/nutrition columnist for The New York Times, who once wrote, “The freshest seafood is that which has been frozen shortly after harvest and remains that way until cooked”.

We concur, but to understand why Vital Choice is favored and trusted among many seafood aficionados, you need to add this advantage: “start with fish harvested at just the right times and places for optimal culinary quality.”

Our prices won’t be as low as some retailers selling wild salmon … and that’s what shoppers who seek high quality and real value will expect. We earn about the same profit as most retail markets, but you enjoy seafood of much higher initial and delivered quality, at a perfectly fair price.

Savvy Vital Choice customers order larger quantities, which provide very substantial savings …. And, orders of $99.00 or more include Free Shipping.


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