Isn’t everything at Whole Foods “Cage-free”….

“Prison labor?” Colbert said. “But everything at Whole Foods is supposed to be cage-free.”

By Jesse Paul, The Denver Post



Comedian Stephen Colbert addressed Monday night the controversy surrounding a now-abandoned Whole Foods program in which the chain sold products made by businesses using the labor of Colorado prisoners.

“It’s really be bumming me out to see Whole Food getting into a whole lot of organic, gluten-free trouble lately,” Colbert said on his “The Late Show.”

“Prison labor?” he added. “But everything at Whole Foods is supposed to be cage-free.”

Whole Foods stores will stop selling tilapia, trout and goat cheese products made by the Colorado work program by April, the Austin, Texas-based grocery operation says. It made the decision after a protest at one of its stores in Houston, where some customers cited discomfort with the wages paid to the inmates.

Colorado prison officials have expressed disappointment at the move, saying the operation, Colorado Correctional Industries, employs hundreds of inmates throughout Colorado’s 20 prisons to give offenders job-training opportunities.

“The whole time I thought Farmer Bob was making my goat cheese,” Colbert said. “It turns out it was some guy named Spider.”


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