Paleo for kids?

Paleo diet for kids – risky or genius?

obesityThe rates of childhood obesity have been so alarming in the last years,  throughout the world that governments  have been working on and introducing various measures and programs to contain the scale of the problem. Of course, to parents who feed themselves and their whole family trash and then are very surprised to see their children on the verge of morbid obesity – COME ON! Get a grip! You have to think about your child’s welfare at all times rather than giving in to their emotional blackmail of what they will or won’t eat. Secondly, think about the harmful habit of using fast foods and sweets as a reward! It’s really quite shocking saying “be good and mommy or daddy will feed you this potentially life threatening food as a reward”. This may be an extreme example but the state of our children’s fitness and health really is THAT bad!

Of course many righteous parents and skeptics will question using any DIET in regards to children. But let’s stop and look at the evolution of the meaning of the word ‘diet’ in our culture. Perhaps 10-20 years ago what people referred to as ‘diet’ was a restrictive regime of ridiculously low caloric intakes or eating ‘diet foods’ like cabbage or eggs only. It lasted for limited time periods (a couple of weeks or months) and then were miraculously supposed to keep you fit and slim forever while all the potential healthy habits were safely buried at the back of your head. Nowadays however, you have to agree, we see more and more improvement in the way we view ‘diets’. Widely criticized fad diets have become obsolete as we realize that a true diet is a lifestyle that you learn, enjoy and keep up forever. An excellent example can be the Paleo diet or Paleo lifestyle which isn’t a regime but rather a school of what to eat and what to avoid for the rest of your life, to be slim happy and, most of all, healthy! So why not, apply this healthy new lifestyle to your whole family?
You may argue that your children will not enjoy boring, healthy meals. Nothing more misinformed! The factor here is how much work and creativity you are prepared to put in! Let’s have a closer look at two child friendly recipes that are healthy, yummy and will have the entire  family always asking for seconds!

• Coconut Milk Ice Cream – blend some coconut milk with a banana (or a fruit of choice), freeze for around 2 hours or use an ice cream maker. Serve decorated with nuts or dark choc chips.

muffin• Coconut flour muffins – replace regular flour with ground coconut and add fruit of  choice – dried cranberries or lemon peel and poppy.
These two recipes are tested by me and all my family members love them. Coconut contains a mix of healthy fats that aid brain function, weight loss and boost metabolism. It may also be beneficial in cancer and inflammation prevention. To reduce the fat content in the meals, try substituting with light versions. Same goes for other nuts. Coconut water can serve as a healthy replacement for sodas and fruit are full of vitamins and antioxidants; choose the ones with low Glycemic Index and high antioxidant properties such as berries.

As you can see from the examples above, it’s not hard it just requires patience and creativity and most of all you have to serve as good example to your kids.

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