Physical Inactivity in America rises

Physical Inactivity in America Rises….

The U.S. is certainly second to none when it comes to consuming calories. The average American takes in 3,770 every day  which is more calories than any other nation according to last year’s United Nations’ survey.

So it’s probably not a big surprise that 83 million American’s (about 28% of the total population) recently reported they are “totally sedentary”,  meaning never once participating in any of over 100 physical activities ranging from basketball to bowling in all of 2014.

The 2015 Participation Report released this April was conducted by the Physical Activity Council (PAC) and based on more than 10,700 individuals and households that responded to questions about their physical activity in 2014.

An “inactive” person was defined as anyone who did not participate in the over 100 sports and activities listed in the PAC survey that included walking, camping, hiking, yoga, bicycling and dozens more. The survey used to include extremely low exertion sports such as darts and billiards, but eliminated those in 2007. Since then, the level of the nation’s inactivity has increased 18% in just six years.

Tom Cove, chief executive of the Sports and Fitness Industry Association and a member of the PAC noted the number of inactive Americans is the highest he has witnessed during the 24 years he’s been involved with the PAC survey.

“While we can look at this number in a negative light, I would like to use it as a wake-up call…it’s time we put our time and resources into industry initiatives and national campaigns to increase physical activity,” Mr. Cove added.

Further, PAC has found that physical education in the nation’s schools directly correlates to the fitness levels of individuals throughout life. A lessening emphasis on gym time for school kids over the years may be the main contributor to the rising inactivity level seen in adults today.


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6 thoughts on “Physical Inactivity in America rises

  1. What an interesting article. I, myself, am not a very fit person. I am overweight and have limiting arthritis in my right ankle and left knee. But even I can say that I walk or use a stationary bike regularly. My children make an effort to be active and I am grateful of their attitude. But there are a lot of kids that may need more motivation. We live in a large metropolitan area so we can not just let our kids go out and play while we am making dinner or doing other chores. It just isn’t safe. And not because we are worried about them being taken or any other major tragedy, but just the high level of traffic is a danger to them. So daily physical activity is at school is very important. Also, with the amount of homework they have when they come home, it is just like homework, dinner, bath and bed. The weekends parents can take them to parks or for bike rides. But during the week it can be difficult to be sure our kids are active and safe.

    • Heather,

      I can well sympathize with the problem of children attaining physical activities during the school week. We had our son enrolled in every type after school activity from Little League to Karate to help instil a healthy active lifestyle. In today’s strenuous economic times depleted school budgets I know it can be difficult.

      Hopefully, you will continue to visit and we’ll find something that will help you!



  2. hi Sal
    wow I just cannot believe those numbers! Almost a third of respondents were basically totally inactive! That is crazy! I just cannot imagine my life without any physical activity. It is what gives me energy and basically keeps me alive. It saddens me that the level of physical activity is also decreasing in kids. I mean as a kid, I was constantly outside playing. I was so tired by the time it was bed time! I hope we can turn the situation around.

    • Emily,

      I truly wish I could convey to people how GREAT I feel since adopting to the paleo lifestyle. I have always been physically active whether it be team sports or bike riding, gym workouts etc. I have an abundance of energy that flows through my blood. My desire with this site is to be able to change someone’s life who relates to that couch potato into a vibrant being.

      Once again, I sincerely appreciate your visit and comments!



  3. Nice work! I love the couch potato man asleep on the couch, he reminds me of my husband. I’m gonna have to tell him about some of the things I read here because he really needs to know this. Excellent visuals as well as content and not to mention, informative and engaging. Job well done!

    • R-Lean,

      Thanks for visiting and taking the time to leave a positive comment! If you or your husband have ANY questions about the benefits of the paleo Diet don’t hesitate to ask!

      Kind regards,


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