Spread the Health and Gain the Wealth

Are you ready to help yourself and others enjoy the healthy benefits of eating REAL food at wholesale prices?  Are you interested in earning recurring income for yourself and family?  Well we just might have the answer for you!!!!

Thrive Market is on a mission to make healthy living easy and affordable for everyone. We value your help in spreading this message, and invite you to join our movement as an affiliate partner.

A little about Thrive:

Thrive, with about 150,000 members and about 20,000 new paying members a month, is approaching a $100 million run rate after launching the site at the end of 2014. Every order over $50 receives free shipping, with 90% of the company’s orders hitting that threshold.

Here’s how we can thrive together:

Spread the Word

Whether you’re a professional publisher, a hobbyist blogger or if you’re passionate about making healthy living accessible to everyone and want to share the Thrive Market message with your community/friends, we want to work with you!

Earn Commissions

You can now earn commissions and make healthy living accessible to everyone. For every member you drive to the site, you’ll make 25% of their membership fee and sponsor a membership to a low-income family.

Thrive Together

We give you everything you need to spread the word about Thrive to your community. We make outreach easy by giving you a custom link, secure account and dashboard sample posts, banners and images. We’re here to provide the tools to help you spread the word and support you around the clock.

Give + Gain

When you join our movement to make high-quality food and products available to all, everyone wins. For every member you sign up, you’ll receive 30% of their subscription fee.

That’s $18 for every member plus a free membership for a family in need.

members referred annual earnings
1 $18
250 $4,500
500 $9,000
1,000 $18,000
2,500 $37,500
5,000 $80,000
10,000 $180,000
25,000 $450,000
50,000 $900,000

We offer our supporting partners a secure account, a dashboard to track progress real-time, unique links for sharing and a whole kit of example emails, social media messages and images to make outreach easy and effective.

We can’t Wait to thrive together!

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