The best things in life are FREE…and so is our honey!

Our friends at @ThriveMkt are giving away FREE jars of Really Raw Honey to first-time members and existing customers! Click here to get yours!

Raw, unstrained, natural—this is how all honey should be made. Straight from the hive, Really Raw Honey contains vitamins, minerals and enzymes needed for a strong immune system. For the first time, @ThriveMarket is offering jars full of craft honey for FREE!


First-time members get a FREE gift and existing customers can too with a minimum $50 purchase! Claim your jar by clicking here.

  1. Whether you drizzle it on some oatmeal or use it to sweeten tea, you know that honey is the ultimate kitchen staple. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that our friends at @Thrive Market are offering Really Raw Honey for FREE with any $50 purchase!

We’re buzzin’ over this sweet deal. Snag yourself a bottle while supplies last by clicking  here!

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