The Cuisinart MSC-600 Review – Come Home to a Hot, Ready Meal

Cuisinart MSC600 Cook Central 6-Quart Slow CookerSlow cookers have been around for nearly 40 years. This simple appliance, first introduced as an electric bean cooker, has evolved into a versatile kitchen tool capable of cooking soups and stews, beans and meats, even breads and desserts — all with minimal preparation. Slow cookers make it possible for busy families to come home to a ready-made hot meal. They also use less electricity than an oven and give off far less heat, making them convenient even in the summer. It’s no wonder that slow cookers command such devotion from their owners.

Look no further…..when taking into consideration the quality of food, “creature” features, durability and price the Cuisinart MSC-600 stands at the head of the line. 

This highly rated machine produces delicious, high quality food by cooking it at a slow, even pace. Many other brands tend to cook too hot, even when the temperature is set to low; this can result in food that is dry or overcooked. The Cuisinart takes its time, delivering a steady flow of heat to food and cooking it evenly. This model  includes a 24-hour programmable cook time, hold-warm setting, space-saving retractable cord, and a rich looking brushed stainless steel housing. Clean-up of the Cuisinart’s dishwasher-safe glass lid and ceramic pot is also fast and easy. Yes, you will spend a few extra dollars on the Cuisinart however, you won’t regret it one bit; this is a high-quality slow cooker that definitely delivers the goods.

A very versatile 3-in-1 multi-cooker

The Cuisinart MSC-600 is a 3-in-1 6-quart slow cooker, that is all you need for one-pot meals. It can brown and sauté, steam and slow cook all in the same pot for true one pot cooking. The Cuisinart comes in an oval 6-quart configuration that measures in at a whopping 9.5 x 12 x 19 inches so it takes up a lot of footprint and counter space.


The Cuisinart comes with a glass lid so that you can check the meal without disturbing the cooking process. It comes with an additional steaming rack that allows food to be elevated for a better steaming position and a non-stick 6-quart cooking pot. It has three programmable cooking functions, which let you, sauté vegetables, and brown meats or slow cook your meals. The Cuisinart MSC-600 has a wide blue screen LCD display panel with press buttons for easy use and programming. You can adjust time and temperature to either minutes or hours and up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the first slow cooker that we could see that had this feature.

Cuisinart MSC600 Cook Central 6-Quart Slow CookerFunctionality

The Cuisinart has 3-in-1 functions so can be programmed to Steam, brown/sauté or slow cook. In order to steam, vegetables or fish and shrimps place the food on the elevated steaming rack and add water. To Brown/sauté use the as you would a skillet or sauté pan on the stove-top add the ingredients and brown/sauté at 350 degrees, but the selectable range is 150 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Slow cooking is done by setting the desired time and appropriate temperature and pressing start. The slow cooker has high, low and a simmer setting and is controlled by the twenty-four hour timer. Automatically once the cooking time has completed the cooker goes into keep warm mode for up to eight hours.
Cuisinart MSC600 Cook Central 6-Quart Slow Cooker


3-in-1 multi-cooking

The multi-cooking functionality on this Cuisinart is a stand out from the rest. The versatility is unmatchable by any of the competitors; none other can steam, brown\sauté and slow cook all in the same pot.

Cuisinart MSC600 Cook Central 6-Quart Slow CookerAuto warm and switch off

The Cuisinart MSC-600 will automatically go into keep warm mode once completed cooking, the keep warm mode works for up to eight hours before automatically shutting down.Cuisinart MSC600 Cook Central 6-Quart Slow CookerWeaknesses

No delay timer or clock

No clock means that the cooking times cannot be delayed to a preset time later this is common with all the cookers.Cuisinart MSC600 Cook Central 6-Quart Slow CookerNot fully programmable

Like all the other slow cookers that claim to be programmable the Cuisinart really isn’t for a number of reasons, one it has no clock so no ability to delay time, and secondly there is no facility to start a cooking program on high for a time and then switch to low. It is just one temperature setting and one time, that’s not really programming.

Cuisinart MSC600 Cook Central 6-Quart Slow Cooker

Bottom Line

This is truly a high-quality slow cooker that definitely delivers the goods. The Cuisinart MSC-600’s with a cost of $143 (best price Amazon) is worth every penny. This large slow cooker can easily accommodate food for a family of five to six, and the culinary results are top-notch. For the money, you also get a cooking rack, retractable cord, and 24-hour programmable time feature. Housed in a vessel of brushed stainless steel, this sharp-looking product represents sophisticated cooking quality at its very best. It is also ease to clean, as you only need to clean one pot and the lid despite doing three completely different functions. This slow cooker from Cuisinart is one of the outstanding products in the slow cooker range and will be a very good choice for most users.  Investing in this durable slow cooker that will last you years (comes with Cuisinart 3-year limited warranty) will also save you money in the long run.







22 thoughts on “The Cuisinart MSC-600 Review – Come Home to a Hot, Ready Meal

  1. Hello, Sal! This looks like an amazing product! While I do not do a whole lot of cooking myself, as I simply do not have the patience for food preparation, I do cook for my cats these days, and perhaps this is something I should consider investing in. You’ve sold me!

  2. I’ve heard a lot on slow cookers but I’m still a little confused as to what exactly they are? Over here in the UK we have something called a pressure cooker for this sort of thing – is a slow cooker a similar device? Does it work the same?
    Interesting site on Paleo – enjoyed my visit here 🙂

    • Chris…right upfront thanks for the visit and comment. Now here is a rather “windy” reply….lol.

      Both appliances are ideal for cooking a one-pot meal – including stews, soups and pastas – but they offer completely different functions and require a separate set of cooking knowledge. I

      Pressure Cookers: Quick and Powerful
      Unlike slow cookers, which take hours to prepare one dish, pressure cookers can thoroughly cook meals in minutes. While dishes can be made very rapidly, it’s best left to those with a great deal of cooking expertise. Since the lid cannot be removed during the process, you can’t monitor the progress of your dish without ruining the integrity of your meal.

      Slow Cookers: Slow and Steady
      Although slow cookers take a considerably longer time to prepare dishes, they offer convenience and ease-of-use not provided by pressure cookers. They allow foods to simmer throughout the day, using low temperatures to consistently heat ingredients for hours. Unlike pressure cookers, slow cookers can be turned on and left for hours on end. Meals prepared with this appliance take anywhere from four to 10 hours to prepare, whereas those made in the pressure cooker can take anywhere from five to 20 minutes to complete.

      Sorry to be so “wordy”!


  3. I just very recently got quite a basic slow cooker. Literally there is one knob to set to ‘low’ ‘high’ or ‘off’. That’s it. But I do love it. I’ve just made soups and roasts in it so far, but I intend to do a lot more. The Cuisinart 600 sounds like quite the cooker. I like the idea of a screen to set temperature and cooking time – that’s something I’ve been regretting not getting. The rack for steaming is a great addition (again, that I don’t have). And the size of it is a lot bigger than mine. Definitely, when I’m upgrading I’ll be considering this one 🙂

    • Very glad you can relate to the article and that you took the time to respond with a comment! The basic cooking function of the Slow Cookers is about the same for all…they all do a good job. I do agree however, that the cooking time and temperature features on the Cuisinart separate it from the pack. Enjoy the one you have and when ready to upgrade check back with me.

      Talk soon!


  4. We are totally heading into the seasons in which I make more things in a slow cooker. I don’t know why I don’t so much in the spring and summer, but when Fall and Winter comes it becomes soup and chili time and Slow Cookers are great. I’ve never really shelled out a lot of dough for them though, so I was interested in what a higher dollar more quality one would be like. I thought your review made investing in one make sense and will have to give more thought to upgrading after reading this.

    • Devin,

      Funny how many of us associate to cooler weather with a slow cooker when in fact they serve a purpose all year long. Our initial investment was also on a lesser priced unit which performed well enough albeit on a manual mode. I will however, admit that after purchasing a much more feature rich.automatic/programmable unit we can honestly say we wouldn’t go back.

      Thanks for the visit and for taking the time to comment and keep us posted!


  5. Well now i know what to get the wife for Christmas. I like to eat beans and stews and my wife is a pretty awesome cook. A slow cooker would be nice for something maybe like carnitas or some kind of pulled meat. Thanks for this review. Ill check out this cooker as well as some other ones. Thank You!

    • Bryan,

      Thanks for the visit and for taking the time to comment! If I can help you any further with deciding which slow cooker to purchase don’t hesitate in asking.

      Kind regards,


  6. This is a good review, slow-cooked food is amazing and for the faint of heart. My most favorite is the classic that many people love, beef pot roast. The product does seem amazing, and with lots of beneficial uses for those who enjoy cooking at home. I myself, don’t really have much knowledge of slow-cookers and my knowledge is limited to the basics: pots, pans, microwave heck and even limited oven knowledge.

    • Lakan,

      I just recently started using a slow cooker and am amazed at how easy and fantastic my meals have turned out. I’m getting myself wondering why I didn’t use this in the past!

      Thanks for the visit and for taking the time to comment!


  7. After reading your blog about paleo diets I do have a few questions. Like 2000 years people were eating bread in the Middle east, South America et. etc. For me those people were pretty healthy So what iOS wrong with the bread nowadays? Same goes for dairy in the old days even 500 years ago people were already using milk and cheese is also not something of today.
    Again what is wrong with those products?

    • Not quite certain as to the impression that people were healthier 2,000 years ago….what was the life-expectancy 36? With the advancement and knowledge of nutrion we are well ahead of that time in history.

  8. Slowcookers are great! I adore them! And you have done a great job here on the review of this beauty.
    It looks really pretty. Elegance just shows itself.
    350 Fahrenheitt degree is quite good. And it also serves us many oppurtunities like the ability to cook various foods.
    Thank you for the great review!

    • One of the greatest creations of mankind,,,the slow cooker…lol! In all honesty it relly does make life in the kitchen a hell of a lot easier! Really appreciate the visit and the comment!



  9. I presume slow cooking is practiced by our ancestors back in the old days. It’s great that it is highly regarded till this day with the applications of technology.

    Given on the product reviewed, I guess the beneficials consumers are looking for are those found on other kitchen appliances in general.

    That said, this may be disregarded for someone who’s always in a rush and is constantly hungry unless he has the patience or snacks while the meal is slowly cooked.

    • Actually, while the slow cooker does take time it certainly makes life a bit easier cooking and cleaning. Well worth the investment!


  10. This is great, we’re going to be moving soon and one thing we’re definitely considering is a Cuisinart. It’s so versatile and as you point out can do so many things. Really, the Cuisinart can make probably 75% of all of the meals I’d want to eat anyway. And, it’s really affordable when you think about. It’ll certainly be on my shopping list.

  11. I absolutely love slow cookers because you can cook just about anything in them and it comes out tasting great. You can also basically just set and forget with slow cookers are they are so convenient.

    Right now, since I’ve moved, I don’t actually have a slow cooker. I’m looking to get a new one soon and the Cuisinart one here looks really good. I’m going to check it out further.

  12. Hello Sal,
    I’ve been planning on investing in a slow cooker for a very long time now. I own lots of home appliances by Cuisinart as well as KitchenAid. I love them all. I’ve heard lots of positive reviews of Cusinart’s MSC 600 as well as KitchenAid’s KSC6223, but the latter is not available.
    Thanks for the review, I think I’ll settle for MSC 600, it’s affordable.

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