Tom Brady has no NUTS!

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s $50 nuts sell out online in two days  
JAN. 12, 2016, FILE PHOTO
PHOTO BY (Steven Senne/AP)
After people obsessed over Tom Brady’s balls it’s only natural his nuts were next.If you’re looking for a healthy snack to help you deflate a few pounds, the Patriots quarterback is selling a $50 box of snacks through his TB12 store. The new product launched on Monday and was already sold out by Wednesday morning.

The box of snacks come with 12 bags featuring six different varieties of raw, vegan, organic, gluten-free and dairy-free nuts and fruits. The snacks included Blueberry Crunch, Amazon Crunch, Superfood Energy Squares, Cacao Goji Energy Squares and Dark Cocoa Coconut.

The website didn’t say when more would be available or how many were sold.

Brady will have the first quarter of the NFL season to focus on selling his products. The Patriots quarterback is suspended for his involvement in Deflategate.

Other products sold on the TB12 site include a $200 cookbook, $50 protein and electrolytes for $15.


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