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 Please, Express Yourself….

Welcome to the most prestigious and influential (yeah, right) Paleo Polling Place on the internet!  Each week we will present a deep-thought provoking (oh, Madonna Mia) question that you can respond to in a completely anonymous manner.  It doesn’t cost anything so please feel free to cast your vote.


And here is our this weeks question…


6 thoughts on “The Polling Place!

  1. It happened really quickly relatively speaking. Suddenly, Sal shrunk to normal. His beer belly disappeared. (Who thought I’d be sharing recipes with my friend’s husband?) There are so many diets out there that each person has to find the type of diet that gives them the best results. I can attest to Sal’s success in changing his attitude to a healthier diet. Congratulations on getting healthy, and more importantly, staying healthy. Kudos!

    • Ms. Lyons,


      Thanks so much for the visit and taking the time to leave a comment. I only wish that instead of just stating how I shrunk to normal that you added I could now dance with the Chippendale’s!



  2. Hi, Sal

    I love how your site and testimony is authentic and down to earth. My father, who is now 80, has been struggling with health conditions (heart and blood sugar). Maybe I can use this website and show to him how he can get into Paleo!

    Thanks and have a great day!

  3. Awesome interactive site you got here. Well, so goes the polls, always having something to show with the statistics, or the absolute proof in the answered questions? I will lead my friend here too. Thanks

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