Paleo Diet… What is it?


The basic foundation of the Paleo Diet is simply that we should consider to make our meals like they were back in the days  the really old days of the caveman.  So what did the cavemen have on their food table? They didn’t know anything about farming or preserving foods  so everything made of flour, wheat, artificial preservatives wasn’t part of their diet. In truth, they ate everything they could get their hands on found in nature. That means for example:

  • Fish
  • Meats
  • Nuts, roots
  • Leafy greens, vegetables, fruits

For anyone who is interested in the Paleo Diet, but isn’t sure how to start, please click here

So basically everything that grew without  human intervention. Now this is complete opposite to what we find in our daily meal consumption today. It’s almost 80% grain dependent, breads, rice, corn, potatoes – none of these wouldn’t be available today in vast amounts thanks to the agricultural revolution. We couldn’t imagine our lives without these ingredients anymore.


So this is how far we’ve evolved


Today’s man :

  • Overweight
  • Stressed
  • Unhappy
  • Sleep deprived

Yesterday’s man:

  • Muscular
  • Athletic
  • Versatile
  • Healthy overall

The Paleo Diet basically eliminates refined sugar, carbohydrates and dairy from our daily eating. So if we’re consuming less and less sugar and carbohydrates, our body goes into a state called ‘ketogenesis’ which means that it starts to build energy from fat cells found in our body, instead of carbohydrates.

Don’t worry that doesn’t mean that your body will burn fat until there’s no energy left, you will still get energy from natural carbohydrate resources like vegetables and fruit in as much as they aren’t processed in any way.

While most of the foods in stores is already processed and wrong for paleo dieting, what’s left for me to eat?

  • Nuts – Good for snacks(replace chips and candies for example). But high in calories, so don’t consume in large portions
  • Eggs – Especially Omega-3 enriched eggs
  • Oils – All the natural oils – olive, coconut, avocado
  • Fruits – To satisfy your sweet-cravings. But can be high in calories so avoid eating a lot while losing weight
  • Fish – Try and find natural wild fish, not raised in farms
  • Fowl – Duck, hen, turkey, chicken..
  • Meat – If possible try to buy meat of grass-fed animals, since grain causes same issues in animals as in humans

What foods are eliminated?

The foods that are eliminated in a Paleo diet are the ones that provide our bodies with very little nutrition (especially for the amount of energy they contain), and that are difficult to digest and have the ability to stimulate inflammation or mess around with important hormones.

Generally, a Paleo diet excludes:

  • grains and pseudograins
  • legumes (legumes with edible pods like green beans are fine)
  • dairy (especially pasteurized industrially-produced)
  • refined and processed foods (including refined seed oils like canola oil and safflower oil, refined sugars, and chemical additives and preservatives)

Bottom line :


The Paleo diet is a nutrient-dense whole foods diet based on eating a variety of quality meat, seafood, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.  It improves health by providing balanced and complete nutrition while avoiding most processed and refined foods and empty calories. 





21 thoughts on “Paleo Diet… What is it?

  1. A very different diet when you consider what is suggested now. Lugumes and dairy especially concern me as they are to be eliminated in this Paleo diet but to which provide a rich quality to almost any current diet. I do however see the positive side of a paleo diet as it is rich in leafy greans viamins, the protien in meat and the omega in the fish.

    A diet well worth consideration.

    • Ms. Debra!

      Thanks so much for the visit and for the comments concerning the Paleo Diet. You see, the Paleo diet is all about foods that are NOT going to raise insulin levels, foods that won’t acidify the body, and foods that will NOT cause an inflammatory response in the body which occurs through ingestion of dairy and grains. In any regard, I certainly hope you become a frequent visitor!!


  2. Being a borderline diabetic, this diet definitely interests me. I think eliminating carbs is going to be my biggest challenge. I love the picture that you have in the post “how far we have evolved”, good one! Scary but totally true!

    Seriously considering to give it a try.

    Now I have to check out the recipes section of your page….


  3. Hi Sal,
    Great website! I’ve been eating organic salads for dinner for about 15 years now, giving up the meat and potatoes I was raised on. For breakfast I have a fruit and kale smoothie. I have great energy, good skin and hair and a happy disposition. In the past year I have discovered that goat butter is better for my digestion than cow butter which I use on limited bread products made from ancient grains (can’t give up bread completely). Recently I made a commitment to live a mindful and kindness driven life which means I can no longer ignore the cruelty involved in the slaughter of animals for my dinner table so my salads are accompanied only by seafood for protein. That makes me happier than ever. Thanks Sal for bringing a great website to life.

    • Steph,

      Your comments are greatly appreciated! I certainly hope that you are a regular visitor here and would like to offer consideration for perhaps being a contributing author…

      Again, many thanks!


  4. Hello Sal, Man I just realized after reading this that I have a long way to go and everything I eat is in the realm of the neo diet. lol. 🙂 I didn’t know what a paleo diet was until reading this page. Thanks for the info and I am going to try and put this new info to good use! Keep up the good work.

    • Hey…thanks for the visit and for the comment! Your body can and will build off of the protein that you will increase (along with the fat which will be poly-unsaturated.



  5. Hey Sal,

    I had never heard about Paleo Diet but I am happy to discover new things… especially when it is about healthy eating habits.
    I’ve changed my food habits a while ago because I was overweight, I had absolutely no energy and I fell I needed to become healthier as being in my 30ties.
    I am glad to have discovered the Paleo diet and some recipes look amazing. I will surely try out The ‘spiced pumpkin latte’ recipe !

    Wishing you the best!

  6. Legumes, beans and fresh veggies are what I eat often jut because they are full of fiber. Can’t say I would want to eliminate beans or legumes. But you have a great site. Thanks for the info.

  7. Very informative! =) I have actually tried something similar to paleo, and I found out after a couple weeks, you stop craving bad sugars and fats, and that made it so much easier from there on! Hope this comment makes people feel a little more at ease when jumping into this lifestyle. =)

    • Kylie,

      Appreciate the visit and kind remarks. while you might not have tried Paleo 100% of the way you certainly understand the benefits of eliminating sugar and processed foods from your diet!

      Thank you again for the comment and visit and continue enjoying good-health!


  8. I’m glad that barbecues can be part of the diet. I never knew that there are so many preservatives in processed food. If you think about it, this diet is closer to nature than any processed, packaged food. I do like to eat my fish fresh from the sea or river. Some countries still maintain this kind of diet. The hardest thing for me is letting go off my cakes and bread.

  9. This is exciting!!! I’m totally going to try this out! My hope is to not only lose weight but also to begin a healthier lifestyle…I think this is great and I thank you for providing such in depth information about it!

    • Diana,

      First and foremost thanks for the visot and for taking the time to comment. While losing weight is always a great thing wait until you see how you feel more energetic and alive!

      PLEASE, please keep us posted on your progress!


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