You gotta be freaking kidding me!!!

I couldn’t resist in awarding this with our weekly “You gotta be freaking kidding me Award”! 


STUPID SNEAKER TRICKS – by Linda Stasi, NY Daily News

How stupid are the exceedingly rich? If you thought they couldn’t get dumber than shopping at or selling overpriced goods to Barney’s despite its racist shop-and-frisk scandal, think again.

The rich are now paying Barney’s $650 a pair for sneakers that have been pre-dirtied, frayed-laced, banged up and some even duct-taped. That must cost extra, since those seem to be sold out.

This, even as Newsweek reported that “No one wants your used clothes.” Charities can’t get rid of the clothes you donate — and the sheer tonnage is creating an environmental hazard.

Since the uber rich want to look chic while looking homeless, they won’t buy our authentically banged up thrift-shop-donated $5 sneakers, preferring to spend $650 for ones deliberately demolished by designers. Idiots.

The pre-soiled sneaks are made by Golden Goose, an appropriate company name since “Golden Goose” is defined as “something that will continue to make someone very rich.”

Right. Dirty-shoe execs will continue to get stinking rich off the clean feet of the filthy rich.

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